Served with slivered red onion, fresh tomato, and locally grown sprouts unless otherwise indicated.


Pilgrim’s Progress®

Slices and slices of turkey breast, fresh ripened avocado, hearty 9-grain wheat bread, with Erik’s “Secret Goo®”. 570 cal $7.89

Turkey Walnut Pesto

Turkey breast topped with fresh avocado, Monterey jack cheese, walnut aioli, hearty 9-grain wheat bread. 800 cal $8.29

Sweet Liberty

Turkey breast, swiss cheese, fresh red bell pepper, Erik’s own sweet hot mustard, hearty 9-grain bread. 650 cal $7.69

Pot Belly

Slices of turkey breast topped with pastrami, Monterey jack cheese with Erik’s “Secret Goo®” on sliced fresh baked sourdough. 670 cal $7.99

R.E.O. Speedwagon

Fresh cut smoked ham and turkey breast, Monterey jack cheese with Erik’s “Secret Goo®” on sliced fresh baked sourdough. 650 cal $7.99

Rio Grande Club

Turkey breast topped with hickory smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, moistened with Erik’s guacamole, Erik’s “Secret Goo®”, and topped with tomato and lettuce on toasted Ciabatta roll. 790 cal $7.99

Thai Chicken Wrap

Lemongrass soft tortilla warp with sliced chicken breast, mango, diced red bell pepper, mint, cilantro, peanuts, green onion, and lettuce. 580 cal
Served with a side of spicy peanut sauce. 150 cal $7.79


Abbott’s Habit

Premium roast beef, swiss cheese, sliced fresh mushrooms, Erik’s “Secret Goo®”, on fresh baked sweet French roll. 670 cal $8.29

Chicken Pesto

Grilled moist chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, Erik’s basil pesto, on a savory peppered onion roll. 740 cal $7.99

Erik’s Classic Reuben

Specially cured pastrami, traditional sauerkraut, swiss cheese, Erik’s own Thousand Island dressing on classic swirl rye bread (no tomato, onion, or sprouts). 810 cal $7.99

Sea Dog

Tuna salad made from Erik’s family recipe, cheddar cheese, fresh ripened avocado, Erik’s “Secret Goo®”, fresh baked sourdough (no sprouts). 780 cal $7.99

Erik “Berger”

Smoked ham piled high on a peppered onion roll with Monterey jack cheese, and Erik’s “Secret Goo®”. 710 cal $7.99

Raging Bull

Premium roast beef with mild green peppers, pepper jack cheese, and Erik’s “Secret Goo®” on a fresh baked peppered onion roll. 650 cal $7.99


Served with Erik’s “Secret Goo®”, slivered red onion, fresh tomato, and locally grown sprouts

Choose One

Chicken Breast, Smoked Ham, Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Pastrami, Erik’s Tuna Salad, Avocado $6.99
Cheese (Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar) $5.39

Choice of Bread

9-Grain Wheat, Swirl Rye, Peppered Onion Roll, Sweet French Roll, Sliced Sourdough, W heat Pocket, Ciabatta Roll, Gluten-Free W hole Grain Bread


Natural High

A warm sandwich with a fresh made wheat pita stuffed with Monterey and cheddar cheeses, fresh ripened avocado and sliced mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and Erik’s “Secret Goo®” 880 cal $7.69

Del Monte Special

Hearty 9-grain bread with mounds of fresh avocado, Monterey jack cheese, with Erik’s “Secret Goo®.” 630 cal $7.29

Farmer’s Market

A garden sandwich on hearty 9-grain bread piled high with fresh avocado, sunflower seeds, sliced pickles and mushrooms, grated carrots, rings of red bell pepper, lettuce and Erik’s sweet hot mustard. 590 cal $7.49

New England Clam Chowder

Classic East Coast style with tasty clams cup
220 cal bowl 280 cal pot 500 cal

Butternut SquashG

Roasted squash and herbs pureed into creamy richness
cup 180 cal bowl 240 cal pot 420 cal

Tomato Basil BisqueG

Rich tomato and fresh basil flavors
cup 160 cal bowl 200 cal pot 360 cal

Chicken Vegetable Rice

Fresh roasted chicken, brown rice, and potatoes in a savory broth of vegetables and herbs
cup 100 cal bowl 120 cal pot 220 cal

Vegetarian VegetableG

Crisp fresh vegetables in savory broth
cup 50 cal bowl 70 cal pot 120 cal

“Texas Jailhouse” Chili®G

Hearty chili with chopped red onions and cheddar cheese
cup 210 cal bowl 270 cal pot 480 cal



Served with savory crackers $3.89

Quart (To Go Only)

With fresh baked focaccia $12.99

Bowl & Pot

With fresh baked focaccia
bowl $4.99 pot $6.99

Sourdough Soup Bowl

Pick your favorite soup to be served in a fresh baked crusty sourdough bowl $7.69

Calorie counts include 2oz. dressing

Chicken Gorgonzola

Most grilled chicken breast over fresh greens topped with sharp gorgonzola cheese, craisins, honey maple walnuts with fat-free raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
540 cal* $8.29

Salsa Ranch

Layers of chicken breast, avocado. cheddar cheese, black beans, corn and fresh cut tomato wedges served on crisp romaine lettuce topped with tortilla strips and Erik’s salsa ranch dressing.
630 cal* $8.29

Chinese Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, sweet mandarin oranges, slivers of roasted almonds, and shredded carrots over fresh romaine lettuce topped with crispy noodles and Erik’s special sesame dressing.
610 cal* $7.99

Chicken Caesar

Erik’s famous Caesar dressing tossed with tender chicken breast, Asiago cheese and crisp fresh romaine lettuce. Served with fresh croutons. 600 cal* $7.99

House Salad

Locally grown fresh salad mix with fresh cut tomato wedges, locally grown sprouts, topped with Erik’s pasta salad and fresh baked croutons.
200 cal $6.49


Bleu Cheese 150 cal G
Erik’s Famous Caesar 170 calG
Erik’s Natural House 190 cal
Erik’s Salsa Ranch 230 calG
Erik’s Special Sesame 180 cal
Erik’s Thousand Island 110 calG
Fat-Free Italian 25 calG
Fat-Free Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette 70 calG
Ranch 270 calG


Potato SaladG

regular 280 cal $3.29
large 570 cal $4.99

Macaroni Salad

regular 670 cal $3.29
large 1330 cal $4.99

Pasta Salad

regular 510 cal $3.29
large 1020 cal $4.99

G = Gluten Free

In consuming Erik’s gluten-free products, please be aware that there may be a chance of cross contamination

Half Sandwich Combo

Pick any ½ sandwich to be served with a bowl of soup or house salad or large deli salad $8.49

The Square Meal

Purchase any full sandwich and pick one—cup of soup or side salad or regular deli salad add $2.19

Light & Tasty Combo

Enjoy any cup of soup with a side house salad $7.49

Chips & Drink Deal

Purchase any sandwich and add a fountain drink and bag of chips add $2.59

Fountain Drink Deal

Add a regular fountain drink to any combo add $1.59

Sourdough Soup Bowl Combo

Freshly baked crusty sourdough soup bowl filled with any Erik’s soup, served with side house salad $8.49

Carrot Cake

350 cal $3.79

Chocolate Marble Bread

400 cal $2.49

Double Fudge Brownie

420 cal $2.49

Chocolate Chip Cookie

200 cal $1.79

Whole Kosher Dill Pickle

5 cal $0.99


Lay’s, Miss Vickie’s, Dirty Chip$1.49

Tommy Turkey

Half of a turkey breast sandwich with lettuce and Erik’s “Secret Goo®” on 9-grain wheat bread. $8.49

Charlie Cheesepocket

Monterey jack and cheddar cheese heated and served in half a wheat pocket $3.99

Annie Ankle Biter

Half of a creamy peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich on 9-gran wheat bread. 360 cal $3.99

For kids 12 and under.
Your choice of milk or apple juice.


Perrier Sparkling Water $2.29

San Pellegrino

Aranciata or Limonata $2.29


Plain or Chocolate $1.39


Orange Juice or Lemonade $2.69



Arizona Iced Tea


Cream Soda


Martinelli’s Apple Juice

Still or Sparkling $2.29

Fountain Drinks

(Free refills when dining in)
Regular $1.89 Large $2.29
Honest Iced Tea:
Classic Green or Unsweetened
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Vitamin Water XXX, Lemonade and Green Tea