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Erik’s Customers Help Raise Over $1,100 for the MDA

MDA Shamrocks at Erik's Capitola

Erik’s loves giving back to the community, but what better way to give back than to partner with our customers!  With St. Patrick’s Day kicking off the start of the MDA Shamrocks fund-raising event at Erik’s, numerous Erik’s customers gave their support to help children with muscular disease.  By purchasing $1, $5, or $10 shamrocks whenever they dined at Erik’s, we were able to raise over $1,100 to provide life-saving flu shots and send children to summer camp.

Muscular disease can be very challenging, not only physically, but emotionally for many children.  They may not be able to participate in regular activities such as swimming, riding a bike, or just hitting a baseball.  But MDA makes a difference in these children’s lives with their MDA summer camp.  The camp counselors attentively help children be able to have this life-changing experience by assisting them in participating in numerous activities that may otherwise be a physical challenge without assistance.  Being able to participate in these events alongside other children who have the same physical challenges as themselves also makes a positive impact on these kids emotionally.  MDA is making a positive impact and Erik’s is honored to partner with you, our customers, in supporting their efforts. Thank you for giving back to your community!

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