Erik's DeliCafe In The Community

Since 1973, Erik's has been an active member of the community, as our sponsorship of community events, donations and others forms of support are part and parcel of the way we do business.

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Erik's DeliCafé is Proud to Support the Communities We Serve

A Look Back

In the early 1980’s Erik’s DeliCafé sought to set the record for the world’s “largest Pot Belly Sandwich” at the annual World Flying Discs Championships Final in Santa Cruz County.  This tradition continued throughout the early 1980s with Erik's DeliCafe eventually created a two-hundred and seventy-five foot Pot Belly Sandwich, which included 210 pounds of Turkey, 210 pounds of Pastrami and 110 pounds of Monterey Jack Cheese. 

After the Loma Prieta Earthquake on October 17, 1989, we turned our commissary on Coral Street into a makeshift disaster headquarters, collecting and distributing food.  In the weeks following the disaster the services of our central commissary were made available to the public and the Red Cross.  We also teamed with local businesses to host a Sunday night barbeque for workers who assembled business pavilions for displaced merchants

From 1987 – 2002 we served thousands of seniors at an annual Senior Citizens Fourth of July barbeque.  In appreciation of Erik’s support, a proclamation was read on July 4, 1985 declaring the day “Erik’s DeliCafé Day” in Santa Cruz.  As Erik said (yes there really is an Erik!), “When I started the deli in Scotts Valley, the seniors supported us.  The barbeque seemed a natural way to support them.”