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Erik’s Loyalty Club Registration

All locations except Aptos, Los Gatos, Capitola, Santa Cruz-Downtown, Santa Clara-The Gateway, and Scotts Valley (See Below)

Join Erik’s Loyalty Club and earn one point for each dollar you spend at Erik’s DeliCafé.  For every one hundred points, you earn 10 perks which is equal to $10 to spend at any Erik’s location.

Register your Loyalty Club Card by clicking the button below and you’ll receive 25 FREE points.  Once your card is registered, if you lose your card or forget to bring your card into the store, we can add your purchase points at a later date.  All you need to do is contact us with your card number, receipt number, and total amount of the bill to have your points added.  You can also check your balance by clicking the button below.

Loyalty Club Login/Registration for all locations EXCEPT Aptos, Los Gatos, Capitola, Santa Cruz-Downtown, Santa Clara-The Gateway, and Scotts Valley:

Loyalty Club Login/Registration

Combine Loyalty Club Points

If you need to transfer/combine your loyalty points, please call the corporate office at (831)458-1818 or Contact Us.


Loyalty Club Registration – For Following Locations:

• Aptos
• Capitola
• Santa Clara-The Gateway
• Santa Cruz-Downtown

• Los Gatos

• Scotts Valley


Loyalty Club Login/Registration

Erik’s Loyalty Club system is undergoing some changes at the select locations listed above. Please see below for information regarding the new loyalty program as well as your options for the current loyalty card.

New Loyalty Club and Options Register New Loyalty Card Transfer Points on Loyalty Account

*Select locations where Erik’s new loyalty program can be used are: Aptos, Los Gatos, Capitola, Santa Cruz-Downtown, Santa Clara – The Gateway, and Scotts Valley.  Other Erik’s locations will be slowly changing to the new loyalty program so check back to see if we have added any additional locations where your new loyalty account can be used.

Erik’s DeliCafé does not share your information with anyone.  For our privacy policy, please visit our website at: